There’s a surprisingly large amount of discussion around the web regarding the question “how many Gmail accounts can I have?” The short answer is: Google has no defined limit to the amount of Gmail accounts you can have. However, this doesn’t mean Google won’t take active steps to make sure all accounts are following their terms and conditions. Google does put some limits in place to prevent someone creating many email accounts in a short period of time and may consider it suspicious behavior.

If you’re finding yourself looking into creating another email account for yourself, you’re not alone. In fact, research published by the Radicati Group shows that the average number of email accounts per user is 1.7, and it will grow to 1.9 accounts per user in the next four years. If you’re a person wanting to create a new Gmail account for your side hustle, or an email to give for promotional newsletters and offers, creating a new Gmail account is easy.

Google’s Policies on Multiple Gmail Accounts

According to the Gmail Program Policies, Google will allow you to create as many accounts as you need, so long as you “don’t create or use multiple accounts to abuse Google policies, bypass Gmail account limitations, circumvent filters, or otherwise subvert restrictions placed on your account.” In other words, if you’re using your multiple Gmail accounts appropriately, there shouldn’t be an issue.

Keep in mind that Google does have multiple verification steps to ensure that all emails are following their policies. Most accounts are verified through a phone number. There are no defined limits to the number of accounts that can be attached to a single number. However, open many at once, and you may have an additional verification step to ensure you’re following their policies.

Don’t Forget to Sign Out of Chrome

If you’re switching between multiple Gmail accounts on a Chrome browser, make sure to sign out completely after each use. Gmail Accounts act as a central hub for all your searches, activity, Drive files, and Google services. For example, if you’re logged into your business Gmail account and want to log into Twitter, be sure to log out first or else anyone with access to your business account can access your Twitter.

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