Changing your password regularly is a smart security move. If you’re working in a highly regulated industry like healthcare or finance, changing your Gmail password can save you from some serious consequences and security breaches.

Like All Things Google, Gmail makes it easy to change a password and offers more ways than one. Whether on desktop or mobile, updating your Gmail password is simple.

Log In To Change Your Password

Go to the Gmail interface.  Updating your password from Gmail will change the password for your entire Google account, including other applications like Google Docs & Drive.

  1. Click the cog button and select Settings
  2.  Next, Settings > Accounts > Google Account settings
  3. Click the Sign-in & security box
  4. Scroll down and click Password
  5. Enter current password and confirm your new password

Changing your password will automatically sign you out of all devices. You’ll need to log into Gmail before you can receive notifications, updates, and other Gmail features.

Change Password on Mobile

If you’re on mobile, you can change your password the same way you did on the desktop or you can change your password directly on the Gmail application:

  1. Click on Settings > My Account > Security > Password
  2. Enter current password and confirm your new password

You may be asked to prove your identity if you have verification settings configured onto your phone. Complete your verification, confirm your new password, and, voilà, you’re done!

Follow these steps and you’ll be able to change your password on desktop or mobile without any trouble.

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