Did you know you can create a poll in Slack? It’s easier than you’d think. From finding out where the team wants to go to lunch to scheduling a time and date for a meeting, learning how to create a poll is perfect if you need a quick way to ask simple questions and get immediate answers.

Start a Quick Poll with Emojis

An emoji poll is fun, fast, and easy. It’s the right poll when you have a straightforward, light-hearted question with only a few possible answer options.  Questions like, “Lunch: tacos or burgers?” and “Is it hot in the office: yes or no?” can be answered in seconds with an emoji poll.

Post the question you want answered in chat. Then, select distinct emojis that represent each choice. After you post your question, all members have to do is click on an emoji to cast their vote.

Try the Simple Poll Application

When a “yes” or “no” answer to a question isn’t enough, Simple Poll is an application that creates native polls within Slack using a simple /poll slash command. You can download the application from Slack’s app directory at slack.com/apps or by visiting simplepoll.rocks.

Once you’ve downloaded the application, you can start polling immediately by following syntax in a channel’s message box: /poll “Your Poll Question” “Choice 1” “Choice 2”. The first statement after the /poll will be your question, followed by your choices.

The application limits you to 10 answer choices. So, if you need more than 10, consider breaking the question down into two parts to make it fit. (Although you might need to reconsider using a poll format if you need that many possibilities.

Bonus feature: Simple Poll lets you ask questions anonymously by adding the word “anonymous” at the end of the message.

With this feature, users can answer questions without their name showing up underneath their answer choice. An anonymous poll can be especially useful for touchy subjects.

Quick Tips for Successful Polls

After your first emoji poll or Simple Poll, you may integrate polls into Slack regularly for lunch orders, meeting times, meeting locations, or just casual feedback. Here are some tips for great polls, every time.

Set Reminders for Yourself

Set up a recurring reminder in the channel where your polling will take place to remind yourself and others that a poll will be coming soon. Reminders will help keep your polling consistent and alert others to check Slack on the given time to cast their vote.

Keep Polls Short

A lengthy poll in the middle of a busy chatroom can feel disruptive. Questions should be a single sentence, and any poll with more than five choices to choose from is too long. Tighten the wording and narrow your choices to increase participation.

Only Use Polls When the Choices are Clear

A poll shouldn’t lead to a debate. If you’re using a poll to secure a time or place for a meeting, the choices given should be the ones that make sense to everyone. The last thing you want is to create multiple polls because you must keep adding choices or changing the question. Do the groundwork first by asking what everyone wants to do, then finish it off with a poll.

No more scrolling through chat logs for answers to your questions. Start polling in Slack with an emoji poll or a Simple Poll, and get the answers you need — all in one place.

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