From promotional emails to calendar reminders to business reports, if we leave our inboxes unattended for too long, we run the risk of having important messages buried under the clutter. This is where knowing how to sort your Gmail comes in handy.

Your Gmail account is packed with many powerful features. You can create up to 200 labels per-account with specific parameters to meet your organization needs. You can also sort your Gmail by Subject, Sender, or Label.

Sort Gmail by Subject

Working with multiple teams means having to remember many names and roles, and can make calling back old emails hard.  Sorting emails by subject can help narrow down your search.

On your Gmail account, you’ll notice a search bar with an arrow pointing down. This arrow will open search options with fields to help you narrow down the list of emails. There is one field called “Subject.” Use this field to search for the email subject. The more specific your subject, the narrower your returned search.

Other fields to keep in mind are “Search”, the attachment checkbox, and date range. Try these fields out if you’re looking for the specific contents of an email.

Pro tip: You can also perform a negative search in the field “Doesn’t have.” If you’re looking for brainstorming notes spanning over multiple weeks, filter out words like “final” or “complete.”

Sort Gmail by Sender

If you’re looking for conversations with a specific person, sort your emails by sender. There are two ways to do this – search options and contacts.

The search box offers two fields that are specific to contacts – “From” and “To.” Using your search options if you’re looking for conversations that you’ve had with multiple contacts. Sorting your emails using does come with some caveats.

When you fill the “From” field with multiple contacts, it will show the emails that include those contacts as the sender. This filter out emails that were sent to you as a “Reply All”. It’s best to have one contact in the “From” field and use the “To” field to narrow down your search.

The other method of sorting by sender is to go through your contacts and hit the “Emails” button. This will sort messages to show emails sent or received by that contact. If you’re searching for a conversation with someone you don’t message often, this may be the fastest way to filter out your emails.

Sort Gmail by Label

Labels are an essential best practice for keeping your inbox clutter free overtime. Labels behave like folders because they store related messages to-and-from your Gmail. On the far left corner of your inbox, you’ll see a bar of buttons; one with a tag icon and a down arrow. This is the button that will help you create and assign tags to your emails. Drop down the box and tag away

With an email checked, click the tag icon and a box with options will appear. Fill out the “Label as” field, and the option to create a new label will pop up. Check the label you want to add to the email, and the email will be stored under that Label.

You may have noticed the folder names at the top of your emails match the names of some of your labels. Applying a label to an email will categorize the message under that folder. If you’re building out a project and want to sort conversations about the project into an accessible folder. Making an effort to attach labels to your emails can save you several hours in your work week.

Knowing how to sort and organize your Gmail is essential to your productivity. Not only will having a cluttered Gmail inbox take time away from your work, but you can also lose important information as your inbox is flooded with messages.

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