In the age of experience, everyone is a customer, even employees. As a result, CMOs are increasingly being tasked with ensuring that a brand is resonating internally as well as externally. With an eye on optimizing the employee experience, special attention is being placed on building internal cultures that are purposeful, and then harnessed externally to engage customers.

Many CMOs are aligning with this trend, making the expanding purview of their role toward human capital management less anomaly and more strategic imperative. The management of people is clearly migrating from the more utilitarian HR function, to that of critical component of brand strategy.

To see this trend in action, look no further than the internal culture at work at FedEx around its Purple Promise platform led by CMO Rajesh Subramanian. Another great example is Puma’s CMO Adam Petrick who launched the company’s purpose strategy Forever Faster as a rallying cry for Puma employees first before sharing the re-energized brand externally.

Amidst this sea change, the workplace communication landscape has become flooded with content as brands continue to understand the need to storytell to their employees as much as their consumers. Consequently, the need for effective tools to help with content management and employee communication has never been greater.

Umuse, an application designed to help streamline content and communication in the workplace around email and messaging, stands out as an ahead of the curve offering that aims to offer a holistic solution to today’s technology chaos, all with a clear focus on helping to optimize the employee experience.

In an economy centered around collaboration as much as experience, it becomes critical for companies to begin to think about how to build communication infrastructures in ways designed to optimize in both of these areas. Integrated solutions like Umuse appear to becoming better options than independent apps, which often add to the clutter, albeit unintentionally.

Umuse is on a mission to tame this chaos and give employees back control in the workplace to enhance productivity in particular, along with the employee experience in general.  Key to this vision is to help CMOs leverage the latest technology to help their grander purpose and vision stand out.

As a premium continues to be placed on winning internal cultures, optimized employee experiences, and the ability to seamlessly and productively collaborate, offerings like Umuse seem to potentially be the next big must have in the marketing stack.