You asked and we listened. Our users told us they love the Umuse Feed to scan their email and stay on top of important messages, but when it comes to being in “responding to email mode” they needed something a little different. Interestingly – many were wistful of the days of Outlook’s three-pane view. Users liked the ability to view a full email while still keeping an eye on their feed. So we developed our own three-pane layout in Umuse to help you stay in the zone.

Three-pane layout lets you respond quickly to your emails, stay on top of your Slack messages, all while remaining current with everything infiltrating the inbox.

How to Change to Three-Pane Layout

Switching between views is simple. Just go to Preferences, then scroll down to Layout and right there, you’ll be able to choose which version works better for you. Just click the box and that’s it. You’re done. Super fast.

As the line goes in the comedy classic, The Blues Brothers, “we got both kinds! Country AND Western”, UMuse now has two choices, too. Depending on how you like to get stuff done, you can toggle between both styles and accomplish more than ever, with or without the movie references.

Whatever your style, Umuse has your back when it comes to getting stuff done.