If you’re a Gmail user and want to see a boost in your email productivity, check out these top Gmail plugins that can save you precious time in your day. Umuse is all about simplifying your work communication, so we’ve collected some of our favorite Gmail plugins you should consider trying out. One or two of these might change how you get things done both professionally and personally.


Platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow users to schedule posts, but email doesn’t. Well, it didn’t. Boomerang lets you write something and schedule it for whatever time you want. If you want your marketing email or team update to drop at three o’clock every Thursday, you can set a scheduling reminder to do so. Boomerang lets you set reminders that you need to send out emails, or that you need to follow up with someone. All you have to do is download the Chrome extension. The installation is seamless, and the app doesn’t get in the way.

Sales Navigator

When someone suggests a mutual connection or mentions someone in an interview or as a possible candidate, you immediately pull up LinkedIn. Instead of digging through LinkedIn playing the “is this her” game, the person’s profile pops up right in Gmail. This way, if there’s anything relevant to a conversation, or information that you needed to know, LinkedIn is a click away and no guesswork involved. Sales Navigator displays other social profiles, job titles, and mutual connections right on the side of the inbox, making it easy to connect.



If you need to send something sensitive but don’t want to risk it falling into the wrong hands, you need MxHero. MxHero’s email “self-destruct” five minutes after it’s read. To add an even deeper level of spy-level intelligence, MxHero lets you know when your email was opened, if links were clicked, if someone looked at the whole thing, and if any of the attachments were viewed. And then, poof, it’s gone.



There are two kinds of people: People with emails from two years ago at the bottom of a long and winding email dictionary full of drafts and unread messages, and the other side of the coin, the person who’s obsessed with keeping a neat and tidy inbox. Sortd is for the latter kind of personality, which organizes your Gmail inbox into ToDo lists. You can customize and name the lists according to needs while dragging and dropping essential contacts or messages where you want them. Sortd lets you hide your inbox and work off the ToDo lists, but also keep focused on specific tasks instead of answering emails that aren’t critical. If you’re someone who likes to work agile, Sortd seems like an excellent tool to add to the mix.


In the spirit of keeping a clean inbox, SaneBox is another amazing tool to keep things fresh, and prioritized by importance. SaneBox takes the less important ones and sorts them into a “SaneLater” folder. You’ll get a roll-up of what was moved into the SaneLater folder and then it’s up to you what and how to respond.



If you have a lot of sensitive information coming and going from the inbox, it’s critical to have secure end-to-end protection. Mailvelope encrypts and decrypts Gmail messages with just a bottom right click in the compose window. Simple and safe.  With today’s hackers, you can never be too cautious.



Grammarly is an app for writers to check their work for errors, spelling screw-ups and provides a quick scrub of all content. Grammarly’s Chrome extension works with Gmail that will review the grammar and spelling of all of your emails, thus saving you from looking careless when emailing a large group or the boss.



WiseStamp creates unique email signatures that link social media accounts but also makes sharing blog posts, Instagram photos, whatever simple. Everything is seamlessly brought together so whoever is on your email list will get a fully informed experience whenever they open your email.