The workplace, mirroring the business landscape, is much more decentralized today than it was in decades past. This has made effective and efficient collaboration an essential part of how businesses can accomplish goals and deliver winning outcomes. There are plenty of collaborative driven technology options available today, but all come with a catch: They don’t necessarily offer the elegant simplicity today’s chaotic world craves. To set the table on the advantage solutions that can cut through the clutter and drive meaningful synergy in the workplace can bring, let’s use an analogy. Powerful metaphors are often illustrative and serve to get us closer to the understanding required to solve complex problems.

To do this, let’s look at an excerpt from my book on succeeding in the collaborative economy called WE-Commerce. I wrote a chapter on the power of collaboration through the eyes of the honeybee and I’d like to share it here to set up the vision I see for the future of workplace creativity, collaboration and communication:

Excerpt from We-Commerce:

There is perhaps no better example of creative or collaborative success than the honeybee. Honeybees, along with a handful of other insects like ants, are the only super socialized species on earth. They live in colonies, working together to provide for the whole society, and never for the individual. It is literally one for all, and all for one, all of the time. Although this elite class of insects represents only two percent of the number of insect species on the planet, they have dominated all of the most desirable food sources, conquered their competitors, and today outnumber all other species of insects combined by weight. As a result of their supersonic ability to work in cooperation with one another, colony insects have prospered, proliferated and dominated their universe.  In other words, bees did not just evolve, they WEvolved, by learning that the best road to survival, was to live with and for the good of the whole hive.

One of nature’s well-kept secrets is that honeybees are great dancers. Honeybees use dance as their primary means of communication. Through intricate footwork, they can communicate what the hive needs to know and do in order to grow and endure. The dance of the honeybee is a shining example of the creative collaboration required for success today.

So, what do the honeybees know about taking care of business that we don’t?  They know that in the long run, competing as a group results in greater success than competing as an individual. They know that when groups compete against groups, it is the most cohesive and creative teams that survive.

Today, where we are all as interconnected as bees in a hive, and dependent upon each other for success, we can learn a great deal from the honeybee. Successful businesses today are led by teams dedicated to the whole, and to the pursuit of communication focused on increasing the productivity and harmony of the community.

So, what can we learn from this metaphor about the collaborative nature required for workplace communication to be successful today? Finding the clearest path to simplicity is key, and being able to leverage tools that remove the chaos, while enabling the level of intricate collaboration that has defined the honeybee for generations, is vital.

This is where Umuse comes in to play as it introduces a workplace communications  solution dedicated to imitating the elegantly simple collaboration of the honeybee through its mantra of The Power of One:

One App. No more switching between apps. Umuse brings email and chat functionality together in one place. Simple. Elegant. Smart.

One Feed. Never miss another message. Umuse works seamlessly with Gmail and Slack, combining all messages into one virtual inbox.

One Way. To search and save. Email or chat, Umuse lets you search and save all your messages and attachments in one place. Work. Simplified.

Just like the honeybees, Umuse offers a new approach to help work get done in ways that instigate productivity while empowering you and your hive.