Deleting your Gmail is a big deal. If you’re not paying attention to every notification and button, you could wipe out your Google account, which is scary because email is connected to everything, even YouTube, Dominos, and Amazon. Be careful if you’re going to wade into the dangerous water of email deletion.

A few things you should keep in mind with deleting your Gmail are:

There’s no forwarding address

Even if you send out an email blast letting everyone know you’ve moved addresses, someone is still going to message you, and they’re going to get that dreaded “unknown user” reply.

Once you’re out, you’re out

You will no longer have access to any messages. Go through your inbox and saved emails and make sure any message worth keeping is forwarded to your new address.  If you delete your Google account, your credentials will be cleared from the Google servers. When you try to access Google Drive, you won’t be authenticated – this is why it’s important to pay attention to what you’re deleting. But, as far as Google Drive is concerned, you’ll need to download everything, or every document or file within the drive associated with the Gmail account is a goner.

If you’re still dead set on deleting your Gmail, it’s not that hard. In fact, like All Things Google, it’s pretty simple.


Let everyone know you’re at a new address

First, send out an email letting everyone know you’ll have a new address. There are a lot of third parties companies like MailChimp you can use to get the word out.

Next, change all of your accounts. Check your Amazon, Target or Barnes and Noble accounts, your Lyft, everything because it’s all linked.

Back everything up

Download all of the data stored in your account. Access the Download Your Data screen. Click the Download your data link. As you scroll down the list, you can choose the information you’d like to save from various Google products (like YouTube). Pick which ones you want to download, or go with the default, which is everything from contacts to mail.
Gmail will ask what kind of file you want, and how big.

There will be an option in the inbox to download the data to your computer. Download it, and now everything is saved.

Delete your Gmail account

Once you’ve backed everything up and let everyone know you’ve got a new address, it’s time to delete. Go to

Account Preferences


Use the scrollbar on the right to scroll down to Delete your account or services.

Click Delete products

This where you’ll choose what stays and what goes.  AGAIN: DON’T click the Delete Google Account. Otherwise; you’ll delete everything associated with your Google account, even if you made a new email to transfer products and new accounts to.

When you’re walking through the deletion process, it’s important to pay attention to 
everything you’re marking off as a Google “product” you’d like to delete.

Deleting your Google account will erase everything. Unless you want to lose access to Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Google Drive, make sure you connect these to a different account, or when you download all of the data because otherwise the information will be lost.


One last button to click

Enter your password once more. You’ll be asked to make sure this is the address you want to delete. Type in your password once again. Everything you’re signed up for will appear on the screen.

Scroll down to Gmail. Click the trash icon. You’ll be asked for your new email to send your existing Google services. Click the Send Verification Email button.

Pro Tip:

You can’t use an address already connected with another Google account.

Confirm your new account. Click Got It.

You’ll receive one last email from Google making sure you want to pull the plug. Check the box that you’re committed. Once you hit the blue button, it’s gone. That’s it, you’ve got one less email account.

If there’s anything you would like us to cover, drop us a line. We’re always looking to help people do more.