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Meet Umuse the intuitive Inbox

Email & Chat - Together at Last.

Now you can read, search & save all your messages in one place.

Communication. Modernized.

The Power of One.

One App. No more switching between apps. Umuse brings email and chat functionality together in one place. Simple. Elegant. Smart.

One Feed. Never miss another message. Umuse works seamlessly with Gmail, Outlook and Slack, combining all your messages into one virtual inbox.

One Way. To search and save. Email or chat, Umuse lets you search and save all your messages and attachments in one place. Work. Simplified.

Umuse. The modern way to get work done.

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There Can Be Only One. App.

Tired of switching between Email & Chat? Wish you could see all your messages together in one place?

Enter Umuse. It intelligently integrates your email & chat messages into one, simple, elegant, application.

No more checking multiple apps. No more wondering - "where did I see that message?" Now you can read, search and save all your messages in one place.

Tame the chaos and take back control.

Umuse: The only app you need

Feed. Your Need. For Speed.

Want to blaze through your messages? Easily take them all in at a glance? Quickly find those important messages and respond to them first?

Enter the Feed - the answer for the hyper-connected. It presents all your emails & chats together in a single facebook-style message feed.

Gone are the days of click & read, click & read. Now you can quickly scan all your messages, zoom in on what's important, and quickly reply inline.

Communication.   Accelerated.

Umuse Feed

Find it. Keep it. Never lose it.

Can't find what you're looking for? Think you filed it, but can't remember where? Tired of switching from App to App in search of that special message?

Welcome to Umuse - the simple way to Search and Save all your email and chat messages. One search box, one set of folders - all your messages.

No frustrating searches. No more hunting and pecking. Now all your messages are at your finger tips.

Communication.   Simplified.

Search all of your communication in one place

Embrace Your Inner Circle.

We know not everyone is created equal. Family, friends, work colleagues - some people's messages are just more important than others.

Inner Circle makes it easy for you to see messages from the people that matter. They're automatically opened so they stand out in your Feed.

No promos, newsletters or spam. Just the messages you want to see, from those VIPs that matter most.

Communication.   Focused.

Embrace your Umuse Inner Circle

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